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Make House-Sitting Work For You

After 17 years living in Hong Kong, France and the UK, I recently moved home to Perth, Western Australia. I found that the city of my birth had changed almost beyond recognition so I am a little undecided about which area I would like to settle in. House-sitting is providing me with the means to check out different areas before taking a permanent leap.

Such a great idea house-sitting is proving to be that myself and a good friend in the UK have decided to set up our own service: HouseSitMatch.com.

So, back to my current situation we are just coming out of an exceptionally long house-sit so have to shake off the shackles of complacency and get out there again to find another one, which when your key criterion is duration rather than location is not so easy to do. And we don’t want to end up in the middle of the bush somewhere! Stating metropolitan area about sums it up, anywhere between Rockingham and Two Rocks will do the trick.

Our current sit has been a boon which has lasted eight months but all good things must come to an end. Our end was signalled by the shipping off of the sweet little beagle that we were looking after to her owners who are currently living and working in Uganda. So with Ruby ostensibly being the reason we have this house and with her gone, so has the roof over our heads, which is fair enough. With Ruby back in the bosom of her family the owners want to rent their house out. They kindly offered it to us at 50% of the market value which was a tempting offer but my house-sitting days are not over yet so the search starts again.

Taking the rough with the smooth

Our time here nestled in Perth’s foothills has been great but it hasn’t been an easy ride. Our movements were somewhat restricted by ensuring that there was always someone here to feed and walk Ruby. And the garden here is huge and a manicured one to boot so maintaining it and ensuring the pool doesn’t go mouldy has required continual work and a vigilant eye on the trim of the hedges. When you are house-sitting the idiom of theres no such thing as a free lunch is most certainly never truer.

Illustration of house-sitters working through a to-do list

And after so long in one place we found that we had got quite attached to Ruby so it was a wrench when we had to say goodbye to her. Also we have gotten quite used to the house and the area. I never thought I would like to live out here so far from the city and my beloved Fremantle but the hills offers an array of delights that other areas don’t.

For instance, the Swan Valley with all its wineries and just being so close to the bush has been a real treat but would I want to live here permanently? Probably not so its time to move on.

On the road again

Last night we had an interview for a three-month sit I found on-line in a southern coastal suburb. Talk about a sea change and just in time for winter! Doh! Got the timings wrong there.

The house was a bit twee and meticulously clean and tidy, not my taste but then house-sitting is not about finding something to suit your taste. I can live with three months of chintz and ornaments for days if it provides a free roof over our heads and a new location to explore.

All we have to do is wait for an answer now so fingers crossed. Wish us luck!

Lamia Walker
Hi, I am Lamia, founder of HouseSit Match. After years of corporate travel and stressing about home and pet care when away from home, I decided to build a solution, online. Now I run HouseSit Match an online network where we help to match home and pet-owners with house-sitters and pet-sitters in a friendly social way! Helping our members combines my passions for pets, travel, marketing and I meet fabulous new people every day!

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