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House-sitting Intern Discovers Affordable Travel

House-sitting as a means of Affordable Travel

I have travelled the world as a student, camping, back-packing and youth hosteling, latterly discovering house-sitting as a green and affordable way to travel.Then in my final year at Uni I joined HouseSitMatch.com a new ‘start-up’ as their first intern, and that’s when I really began to discover ‘house-sitting’ – an incredibly under-rated yet a really authentic way to travel.

Student intern house-sitting and travelling in Switzerland poses with Swiss flag on mountain

Travelling in Switzerland

I now think that house-sitting is really the best way to discover the way people live from within their neighbourhood – to ‘live like a local’.

Ellie sits in the archway of a Hindu temple in India

Travelling in India opened my eyes to ‘living like a local’

Interning at HouseSit Match the House-sitting Network

Its been nearly a year since I started Interning at HouseSit Match, and since then I have learnt and gained so much valuable hands-on experience in the marketing industry.
Since I started studying public relations and marketing at Bucks New University, I was keen to gain some practical experience in the industry. Travel is definitely one of my biggest interests, I am constantly reading and researching into it and always trying to save up enough money for my next adventure! Having been so obsessed with travel, I decided I should try and merge my passion for travel with my interest in marketing and the industry itself. I had already spent some time Interning for a marketing and PR agency, so I wanted to try an in-house, a client-side role. HouseSit Match, was the perfect fit for me, and has allowed me to really develop my skills in marketing whilst gaining knowledge and understanding in the running of an online travel business. That’s not all, HouseSit Match is also part of the new emerging sharing economy, like Uber, AirBnB and Liftshare, companies that allow people to meet online and collaborate for mutual benefit, and in the case of HouseSit Match to create house-sitting and pet-sitting solutions.

I was so lucky to have been given the opportunity to join the team at the start of my final year. Working at HouseSit Match has allowed me to put a lot of the theory we were being taught at university into practice. From day one I was creating marketing content for the main website, blogs and also identifying if there was any opportunity for media coverage. I also was given responsibilities to keeping the social media up to date. Alongside gaining in-depth knowledge into the running of a company and the importance of good branding. I also attended the World Travel Market (WTM) event at the London Excel as part of the team.

Three members of the HouseSit Match team pose for a selfie at the World Travel Market

House-sitting Team selfie at the World Travel Market

Writing about Travel, Pets and House-sitting

One of the most valuable opportunities working at HouseSit Match has given me is that it has allowed me to really start to refine my writing skills. I learnt new ways and styles to write for different audiences, but also the styles for offline and online publications. The wonderful thing about HouseSit Match is that it has so many different angles to target content, from travel to pets or security. There are so many opportunities to write, and not only do you have different angles but the audiences are different too! Content creation can be specific for home and pet owners or the audience of house-sitters. This has really been a valuable experience and helped me refine how to write, present and post marketing content in both traditional and social media. I learned about the power of each ‘keyword’ online, about the impact of imagery in all media, all very valuable lessons.

Indian woman dressed in garlands and surrounded by peacock feathers

When travelling, I loved the very colorful festivals in India

Highly decorated Indian elephant with raised trunk

Beautifully decorated Indian Elephants – stunning to see

Internship Opportunity

Internships are an invaluable way to gain experience in any industry, it challenges you but also allows you to learn in a way you don’t get from text books, lectures and case-studies. I would really recommend anyone studying for a degree to try and gain some Intern work experience, even just for a short time. HouseSit Match has been such a great experience and has allowed me to explore all aspects of marketing and business in a real-life situation.


Do you love travel, pets and have a keen enthusiasm for the marketing industry? HouseSit Match is now offering an undergraduate the opportunity to join the team to work alongside their university degree. You must be based in or near High Wycombe in the UK.

Click here to contact us for more details!


Ellie Meakin
I’m a marketing graduate with a keen love and interest for all things travel! After travelling in Asia I definitely caught the “travel bug” and its been a great interest of mine to find new and exciting ways to explore the world. Especially those that allow you to meet a variety of friendly and like minded people whilst truly live like a local! It’s really great to help market such a exciting travelling experience and of course have a first look at the new house-sitting opportunities that we get!!

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