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House-Sits Offer Free Accommodation and…

The great thing about House-sits is they offer Free Accommodation…

Palace of Westminster, London

…and a fresh perspective. Yes, it really is true! If you offer to house-sit for someone the house-sitting opportunity offers you free accommodation for the time that you are caring for their property and pets in their absence. So what’s the benefit apart from the obvious reason, house-sits mea no hotel or accommodation payments, affordable city breaks and more frequent family holidays ..? Well there really are many benefits, here are some more worth considering:

Perth, Western Australia

Explore far off shores – Perth, Western Australia

1. With house-sits – Holidays become affordable, you can fly further and more frequently, by using a house-sitting network you cut out the accommodation cost…

Cutting the cost of your holiday accommodation with house-sits booked can make an exotic or long distance holiday suddenly more affordable, or an additional trip with the family a reality. For example, for the adventurous right now on HouseSit Match there is a 6-week house-sit near Sydney. New South Wales (NSW). In exchange, you will care for the homeowners property and pets. Our house-sit in Carlingford has a gorgeous one year old golden retriever called Dexter.This house-sit equates to no hotel or hostel bills during a long stay in a glorious part of the new world. The house-sit is in Carlingford, NSW, only 25km (and with easy access to public transport) to Sydney Harbour and all the city sites.

View of Carlingford, New South Wales, Australia.

View of Carlingford, NSW, Australia.

Golden Retriever puppy

Golden Retriever puppy

2. With house-sits – you find more affordable family holidays, enabling you to enjoy a change of scene somewhere new

House-sitting with children can be tricky. Not all homeowners are happy to accommodate someone elses offspring in their home. However, occasionally an owner will appreciate the benefits of ensuring the home is lived in during their absence for security’s sake and the well being of pets. Children at a house-sit can be very beneficial for both parties. Pets loved and cherished by the children and the home occupied and cared for by the sitters. One such house-sit that is available at the moment is located in Wales, United Kingdom. Children are welcome at this house-sit which offers a spacious home equipped for the owners own family. The house-sitters must care for one parrot, a characterful African Grey called Ozzy. He is playful and loves to interact with visitors. The sitters also need to care for the vegetable garden at the property, and the owners invite you to collect and use the produce (because it encourages more growth!). During the house-sit of 3-4 weeks the sitters can enjoy many tourist options, visiting the stunning beaches along the Gower Peninsula, castles along the coast such as and the thriving cities of Cardiff and Swansea.

Ozzy, the African Grey Parrot

Ozzy, the African Grey Parrot

The Gower Peninsula, Wales

The Gower Peninsula, Wales

3. With house-sits – you can live like a local – learn about your new house-sitting location from the owners point of view

Often when you visit a new destination as a tourist you are trusting guidance for your precious annual leave to the experience of guide book writers, who may not have spent much time there. Have you ever wanted to spend a week in London with a local’s knowledge so you could maximise your time and budget? Well find a house-sit. We currently have a flat-sit opportunity for one week in Wimbledon South West London with easy access to the city and all the sites. Louise the owner can help guide you to the best local restaurants and places to visit, and in exchange she requests that you look after her indoor cat Otto, a Russian Blue for the week. The one bedroom flat house-sits and accommodates up to two people – perfect for a city break on a budget.

London at sunset

London at sunset


Otto a Blue Persian cat offers one of our popular London house-sits

If you would like to contact any of these homeowners please register on HouseSitMatch.com and that you can connect with them directly. Join our network today, and perhaps if you need a house-sitter while you are travelling you could register as a homeowner too.

Happy matching!


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Lamia Walker
Hi, I am Lamia, founder of HouseSit Match. After years of corporate travel and stressing about home and pet care when away from home, I decided to build a solution, online. Now I run HouseSit Match an online network where we help to match home and pet-owners with house-sitters and pet-sitters in a friendly social way! Helping our members combines my passions for pets, travel, marketing and I meet fabulous new people every day!

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