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Homeowners make more of their homespace for family, visitors & housesitters


home space basement conversion to bedroom, bathroom and storage

Optimising home space by converting the basement

Is your home space exandable? We hear regularly from many homeowners about their home space plans and projects to optimise the use of space in their homes to enable more frequent visits from Family, friends and of course to accommodate housesitters! So here are some thoughts from one of our contributors on how these changes might be accomplished and what that might entail.

Making the Most of the home space available in your property

With the cost of housing soaring in many parts of the world, growing families increasingly have to stay put. Often, they simply cannot afford to move, so have to make the best use of the space that they already have.

Home space expansion – Adding an extra bathroom

small well planned bathroom

A well-planned bathroom can be created in the smallest home space

Even if you do not have a lot of space you may be able to add an extra bathroom, shower or toilet. As the children get older being able to do this can make a huge difference to family life. The rush for the bathroom, in the morning, is never fun and it causes a lot of arguments.

Using compact sinks, smaller electrical showers and corner toilets from Better Bathrooms you can create a spare bathroom in a surprisingly small space. Provided the layout of your drains is suitable you can even install something like this in the space under your stairs.

Home space expansion – Converting your loft

Loft conversions are a great way to add extra rooms to a home. It is not possible in every house and is not cheap, but in an area where house prices are high it is sometimes still a good option.

Home space expansion – A new house extension

Adding an extension is an excellent way to create more space in a house. In some cases, you do not even need to get planning permission to do this. However, it is always worth double-checking what the rules are before you proceed. If you get things wrong, you could end up having to take your extension down, which is an expensive mistake to make.

Home space expansion – Adding a storey

home space in the loft

Expanding into the loft can add another storey to the home space

If you already have a single storey extension, you may be able to add another floor. Provided the original foundations are deep enough, doing this is one of the cheapest ways to add more rooms to your home.

In some cases, you can even add another by storey by building on your roof. This is quite hard to get planning permission for, but there is no harm in investigating the possibility. If you are allowed to do it, you can nearly double the amount of usable space you have. A third of the extra space comes from adding the extra storey and the rest from making sure you top it off with a roof that has enough space for rooms in the loft.

Optimizing use of the garden – Ideas for the outdoor home space

Surprisingly, in many places you can legally build quite a bit shed in your garden. People are increasingly turning those sheds into small apartments. Provided they meet local building regulations, they can be used as extra bedrooms, offices or as a granny annex.

Digging down in the home space – Converting your basement

home space in the basement

Get more practical home space in the basement

If you have the right type of basement you can potentially turn that into liveable home space too. You can learn more about doing exactly that here.

In some parts of London, the cost of housing is so high that it can be viable to dig out a basement to create extra space. This is not an easy job, and can be extremely expensive, but it is becoming easier to do and prices are falling.

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