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Game show or housesitting – the same & yet different

Many house-sitters spend time watch tv, perhaps a game show, or day dream occasionally wherever they are sitting thinking about how they could pet sit or housesit somewhere more exotic, more exciting, perhaps even life changing like a Caribbean island or at least a sunny sandy beach far away. This of course is while many of us in reality are watching tv to pass the time, perhaps watching a soap opera or game show even. Here’s a little look at some of the more memorable games shows you may well have enjoyed while housesitting pets or a home.

exotic beach loadion with two deck chairs beneath a palm tree

Ever daydream while housesitting..?

A Look Back At The Biggest Game Show Winners Ever

Game shows are some of the most popular choices on TV, and with good reason too, as they can be good fun for all the family and have been since the 1950’s. Which also means that there are decades’ of winners, with each one upping the ante for their successors. Fewer prizes were won in the 1950’s compared to what we can win today. Game show are popular simply because the winnings can literally change lives overnight.

Deal or No Deal

This TV game show has entertained the nation for years, with its first airing in 2005. Since then there have been many Deal or No deal winners. The show follows a single contestant trying to beat the Banker at his own game as they open 22 identical boxes which are sealed with an undisclosed amount inside them. Each contestant is selected at the beginning of the show, and throughout the show they open the boxes to reveal the amount inside. The first person to win the top prize was Laura Pearce in January 2007.

Who wants to be a millionaire - graphic from tv game show

Classic game show watched the world over

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Who wants to be a millionaire is an international TV game show which first originated in Britain first broadcast in 1998. The format of the show follows a contestant who wins a certain amount of money for correctly answering general knowledge questions. If they answer the whole sequence correctly they can then win the life changing amount of a million! Out of all the contestants who have played the game, only a few have actually won top prizes in any international version. The first winner was Jon Carpenter who won the top prize in the U.S version in November 1999. Carpenter definitely had one of the most stylish wins as well as he didn’t use a lifeline nor did he use phone a friend to help, but rather called his father to tell him he had won the million.

Another top prize winner from the UK version is Judith Keppel, she is also the only woman in the United Kingdom to have won, ‘who wants to be a millionaire?’ as well as the first person to win a million on a British TV game show. Following her win she also appeared on the BBC Two quiz show ‘Eggheads’.

roulette wheel spinning

Red or black – the most popular game show!

Red or Black?

This popular British TV game show first broadcast on ITV in September 2011, this show really did break boundaries as it is also one of the most expensive game shows in TV history with a £15 million budget. This show has different rounds where contestants choose red or black, with those that choose the incorrect colour then become eliminate from the game. In the final and most important round the winner chooses a colour on a giant wheel similar to a roulette wheel. If the colour is correct they win a grand total of £1,500,000! The only person to have win this amount is Graham Fletcher who played in September 2012. Lucky Graham!!

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