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Dog-Sitters Needed..?

Dog-sitters needed

One Sunday last summer HouseSit Match attended the Cranbourne Companion Dog Show, in Berkshire, UK. And I must say we were delighted to make so many new friends, of both the two and four legged varieties! One thing that surprised us was how many of you, who were not yet familiar with house-sitting, the HouseSit Match brand, website and network, were wondering ‘whether or not we had experienced dog-sitters who might be available for a spot of house-sitting this Summer’ Well, the answer is YES! WE MOST CERTAINLY DO! Dog-sitters needed was a phrase mentioned to us on more than one occasion.

Rest assured, while HouseSit Match maybe a relatively new network we already have over 100 registered house-sitters and 60 are available right now as I write this blog. Many of the house-sitters in our network are experienced at handling a range of dog breeds from large dogs like Dobermans and Ridgebacks, working dogs like Labradors and Beagles, to medium sized dogs like Spaniels and Terriers, and small dogs like Chihuahuas.

In order to check out our list of sitters for yourself all you have to do is go to the tab at the top that reads Find a sitter and look down to find the Search Sitters button. Once you click this Search you will find a listing of all our sitters currently available.

Although many of our house-sitters are particularly dog friendly we have a number who are very experienced and actually still available for this Summer and in this Autumn. Check out our listing to find sitters that suit your requirements now.

The Cranbourne Companion Dog Show

Amongst the fabulous dogs we met this weekend, who will need a dog-sitter soon, we found a lovely Spitz called Miles, who was rescued from an unfortunate situation in Ireland. On Sunday Miles was full of smiles, a very happy chappy indeed with a delightful temperament. He loves being cared for at home, so his routine remains constant. The dog owner happily told us about an upcoming holiday in Spain, and explained the pet-sitting requirements – dog-sitters needed here he repeated throughout the day…

Dog-sitters needed said the owner of this cute Spitz dog

Miles the Sptiz is happy

Bolt the dog


We also met a strikingly handsome and very friendly Doberman Pincher called Bolt who went home with a handful of rosettes, which certainly pleased his family.

Preparations for the Show

There was so much to see and do at the Cranbourne Dog Show that there was hardly a moment wasted. Many owners put in hours of careful preparation in grooming and training before the show.

Caz Loughman prepares before the show

Caz Loughman prepares before the show

Caz grooming Rio

Caz grooming Rio

Rio and the gang

Rio and the gang – ready for the off!

There was a great deal to see and do beside the classic show rings where beautifully groomed dogs were presented in their finest collars and leads, best paws forward:

Bracken the dog


Shayla the dog


We met a wide range of breeds at our stand, some came to show off rosettes after a turn in the ring!  Pet owners repeatedly told us that ‘dog-sitters needed’ is the thought going through everyone’s head every summer. Several pet-owners told us that our service was a good idea. And dog-sitters needed is a regular posting in local newspapers post office windows.

Wy Maranas

Wy Maranas



Spots - Best puppy of the show!

Spots – Best puppy of the show!

Beautiful Bracken the dog

Beautiful Bracken

Dog-sitters needed..?

How easy is it to find a house-sitter or dog-sitter with HouseSit Match?

If you have pet dogs and you need an at home dog-sitter or house sitter while you are away on holiday or on a business trip, you can reach out to us in any of the following ways – we’d be happy to help you:

1. Register as a homeowner and when dog-sitters needed is the thought in your head go to housesitmatch.com.
2. For particular requirements in the UK contact HouseSit Match on +44 1865 52 1508.
3. For any general questions feel free to contact us.

Lamia Walker is Founder of HouseSit Match

To find your petsitters through our trusted network register with HouseSitMatch as a homeowner

To register as a Homeowner follow this link

If you have pet care and homecare experience and want to travel and experience a new location why not register as on HouseSitMatch as a housesitter

To register as a House-sitter or Petsitter follow this link

Lamia Walker
Hi, I am Lamia, founder of HouseSit Match. After years of corporate travel and stressing about home and pet care when away from home, I decided to build a solution, online. Now I run HouseSit Match an online network where we help to match home and pet-owners with house-sitters and pet-sitters in a friendly social way! Helping our members combines my passions for pets, travel, marketing and I meet fabulous new people every day!

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